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GPR Surveys, also known as Ground-penetrating radar surveys, is the method in which a radar is used to detect and map out the ground beneath the earth prior to beginning builds, ensuring that there is nothing below ground that could interfere with the build itself.

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Welcome to gpr surveys

The GPR equipment that we use to conduct our GPR Surveys use a selection of high frequency radio waves, transmitting a certain signal into the ground, which allows us to be able to visualise underground. When these waves hit something that is buried underground, the signal reflects off of it, and bounces back into the machine, and this is recorded by the machine’s antenna, displaying the data.

gpr surveys
gpr surveys

There are, however, limitations as to how deep that the GPR Survey can go. Depending on the overall ground conditions and the general makeup of the ground surface, the depth can vary. The optimum condition for GPR Surveys is on a dry sandy soil, and therefore soils that may be moist or clay-like will result in a lesser accurate GPR Survey, due to the depth of the survey being limited.

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